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Mortgage Machine
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All-In-One LOS

Mortgage Machine™ aims to simplify complex mortgage processes and consolidate disjointed operations by leveraging workflow automation, compliance assurance and digital enhancements to create a seamless lending experience.

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Our technology features AI-powered task automation, a scalable cloud-based infrastructure and flexible API capabilities. We offer pre-configured workflows tailored for retail and wholesale loan processes, ensuring that the platform works across retail, wholesale and correspondent lending channels. With seamless document management and point-of-sale functions, we put your loan officer in control of the entire loan lifecycle to increase efficiency, reduce costs and enhance the borrower experience. The system also provides end-to-end support throughout the lending, underwriting, documentation and closing of a residential mortgage loan.

In addition to incorporating the latest AI, document management and eClosing technology, Mortgage Machine™ is built using MISMO’s exacting SMART Doc® data and security standards, enabling lenders to utilize this electronic document format throughout the entire lending process and even into loan servicing.

What You Get

What You Don't


Soc-2 Compliant based in the cloud


Processed $6B worth of loans in 2021


Inclusive, self-contained software


See how much you could save with us


To see the immense benefits of embracing digital mortgage solutions, you need an end-to-end platform covering the entire loan lifecycle – and that's exactly what Mortgage Machine™ provides. Our best-in-class technology gives your team the tools to significantly increase loan volume with minimal effort, while our in-depth knowledge of mortgage lending, workflow tools and artificial intelligence make us uniquely positioned to take your business into the next frontier of digital lending.

Shockingly Fast

Shockingly Fast Boost operating velocity

  • Track operations down to the millisecond
  • Get loan officers and underwriters up-and-running within hours
  • Smart batch upload for maximum efficiency

Amazing Automation Harness the power of digital transformation

  • Integrations with Blend and DocMagic
  • Full eClosing capabilities, including eClose room, eNotes, eVault & RON (Remote Online Notarization)
  • Built-in tech that keep loans compliant
Streamline Workflow

Streamlined Workflow What you need where you need it

  • Simplified dynamic reporting powered by Tableau
  • Native disclosure platform
  • Bulk updater for batch processing
  • Robust compliance rules for enhanced risk mitigation
User Friendly

User Friendly Out-of-the-box design for immediate impact

  • Cloud Based – No need for on-site servers
  • Easily find forms and documents at a click
  • Mobile and device-friendly (no app required!)
  • Can easily upload custom forms
Click n file

Click N’ File

Our document management system easily handles all loan documents, utilizing both PDFs and MISMO SMART Docs® for maximum efficiency.

SMART Docs can capture digital signatures, notarization seals, dates, and other inputs, which are then permanently encoded into the document. This eliminates the need to print, sign and scan documents for them to be executed. The documents remain fully digital, allowing for an easy, verified transfer between parties. This allows both images and data to be easily verified, presented and assimilated into your database. Because they are based on a standardized format, SMART Docs can help ensure that important data is consistently captured and accurately transmitted between different parties.

Our document management system also utilizes state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to intake, identify and categorize even large uploads of various types of documents. We ensure that documents are always sorted into the correct loan and under the correct document name immediately after upload.

These completely digital SMART Docs can be backed up to the blockchain. Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the mortgage industry by improving efficiency, reducing fraud, and increasing transparency for all involved parties. Blockchain allows for a decentralized system of record to exist and be accessible by all interested parties. You never need to worry about data being changed, because the records are kept across multiple servers, and any changes made are immediately evident – both in regards to the changes made, and who made them. This enables all records to maintain integrity and accuracy across multiple transactions.

Click n file
Batch Tool

Bulk Data Inserts

This is a flexible, easy-to-use tool that provides significant time savings, efficiency gains and increased accuracy for any lending department.

With the batch tool, lenders can seamlessly manage all data and images associated with each loan and easily make bulk updates across multiple loans.

Our Batch Tool allows uploading large amounts of data via a text file, eliminating manual data entry. This saves significant time and labor costs and is incredibly simple to use. By utilizing our simple data format, users can update fields instantaneously across many different loans with targeted precision. The batch tool also works with any type of data file.

Importing documents, even in large numbers at the same time, is made simple and efficient with our batch upload functionality. This batch tool will automatically organize, categorize, name and file documents with an extremely high degree of accuracy. Document types can be customized, and our machine learning AI model is simple to train to accommodate all your document needs.

Data can be mapped to any fields in Mortgage Machine, allowing use by any department (operations, closing, accounting, servicing, etc.) to immediately push data to where it belongs. Using our standard data format, a simple text file can be assimilated by our system in seconds. This improves accuracy by allowing data to be quality checked before uploading, finding and reducing errors when they are still easily fixable.

Our simple interface is flexible in terms of the number of records and columns that can be imported at a time – no complex technical skills required. Once processing is complete, all desired users are automatically notified via email.


Interactive Dashboard

Visualize pipelines using intuitive charts and graphs.

Customizable Tools

Create custom reports, forms, rules, and fields tailored to your needs. Plus, push forms directly into our state-of-the-art document management system with AI - Document Recognition.

Batch Processing

Say goodbye to repetitive tasks or trying to support Bots with our loan batch process, bulk registration, and data insertion capabilities.

Built-in Pricing Engine

Accurate, real-time pricing to ensure competitive and profitable lending.

QC Module

Elevate your loan quality standards with our integrated Quality Control module.

Personalized Content with Banner System

Customize your interface and content effortlessly using our innovative Banner system, ensuring that your brand's voice resonates consistently.

Processor Tracking

Stay on top of order requests and responses with our dedicated tracking screen.

User-Friendly Design

No more steep learning curves! Most loan officers and processors can dive in and get started within hours. While the system boasts advanced features, basic functionalities are easy to grasp, ensuring you're productive from day one.

Comprehensive Workflow Solution

From origination, underwriting, closing to post-closing – Mortgage Machine has got you covered end-to-end, including delivery to the investor.

Digital-First Approach

We support the future of mortgage with SmartDoc eNotes, eClosings, and RON Closings. Plus, with our SmartDoc Validator, you can be assured of the accuracy between XML data and PDFs.

AI-Powered Document Management

With our AI engine, documents are automatically categorized and sorted, making document management a breeze.

Mortgage Machine™ is your one-stop digital transformation partner for the future of mortgage lending, and we’re ready and eager to grow with you. Our team is ready to show you how we can maximize your performance, efficiency and profitability. Schedule a Demo

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